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This page contains a list of ATL literature available in PDF.  Each entry provides a short explanation of the product or service covered by the publication.  Click on the title to view the PDF.


Audio Technology

ATL can provide specialized audio systems, including voice-overs for commercials, development of speech-interactive and voice controlled products for a wide variety of applications.  The brochure provides a brief overview of our capabilities.

Engineering Services

A brief description of the services ATL can provide its customers.

Product Development

All phases of product development are covered briefly to show the range and depth of help we can provide in this extremely important area.

Production Services

This brochure provides a description of the production services available at ATL.  You can, just as in any other area we offer, use only those services that you require.

Speech Technology

This area is a subset of our Audio Technology which specializes in the application of speech as an electronic communication element.  We maintain an array of equipment that is used to develop embedded speech applications, including phoneme parsing and stringing.

Strategic Partnerships

This publication briefly describes ATL's program of providing proprietary products to its customers in a commercial-like manner.  This business relationship allows our customers to purchase their products as if they were commercially available, thus reducing the required paperwork, time and responsibility to obtain reliable products in a timely manner.


32-Channel Analog Multiplexer

The 32-channel Analog Multiplexer simultaneously switches between 2 banks of 32 channels of low-level analog signals.  It is designed to work in conjunction with the 8-channel gated integrator in particle beam position and control systems within the National Laboratory System. It is housed in a 6U X 7HP shielded VME cassette.

8-Channel Gated Integrator

This device is an extremely low leakage integrator providing 8 channels of integration.  Circuit guarding and special printed circuit board fabrication methods are used to achieve optimum performance.  It is housed in a 6U X 7HP shielded VME cassette.

Digital Playback Unit

A first-generation digital audio board.  It provides a computer interface to program playback messages.  Uses include audio messaging, computer speech, audio feedback for industrial machinery.  Limited to available inventory.

Digital Recorder

A first-generation digital recorder,  Performs all the functions of its analog counterpart.  Limited to available inventory.

Intelligent Speech System

A first-generation machine response system.  Using an 8-bit interface, the board-level system can provide phrase concatenation to produce a large vocabulary of responses from a a relatively small array of words and phrases.  Vocabulary can be increased without limit by providing speech data  in real time through the interface form the host computer.  Limited to available inventory.


MIDAS II (acronym for Microelectronic Integrated Data Acquisition System) is a portable 6-channel vibration data acquisition system used in machinery health monitoring.

Net Saver

The Net Saver is an in-line system that monitors digital data activity through a wired modem.  Programmed timeout times provide automatic disconnect after a pre-determined a period of inactivity.

Solubility System

The Solubility System is a combination of magnetic stirrer and electronic timer.  The unit accepts test tubes in a well on the top of the unit.  The system was designed to test the solubility of new medication coatings.

Stand Alone Speech System

This unit provides the same functionality as the Intelligent Speech System, except it cannot accept streaming speech data through its interface.  Limited to available inventory.

VME Cassette

The VME casssette line is available in 6U X 7HP and 14HP X 220 mm.  Cassettes are fully shielded and clear Irridited for shield continuity.  No tools are required to remove shields.


ATL has many internal publications and technical standards for performing its work.  The following is a list of documents that should be of interest to both current and future customers.

ATL Facilities Brochure

The ATL Facilities brochure is a comprehensive listing of our design, development and manufacturing equipment and facilities.  The document is broken down into business categories, such as production, design, graphic arts, etc.

ATL's Technology Today

A periodical that updates ATL's activities and contains information and insight into our operations.  ATL's Technology Today is published periodically and will be posted as updated. 


Due to the considerable investment in time and human resources required in the generation of ATL's standards library, we do not make the documents universally available.  The following Standards can be obtained by calling Ken Fertner at 215-355-8111 X 1107.

STD-97001 - Consultant/Subcontractor Terms and Conditions

This standard delineates the terms and conditions for all ATL subcontracts that are issued by the company.  Contract numbering is consistent with ATL's standard program numbering system, allowing for complete traceability of all subcontracts.

STD-97003 - ATL Quality Assurance Program

STD-97003 defines the quality procedures followed by ATL in all of its work, whether for internal programs designated for ATL products, or for its customers.

STD-97004 - Production Process Control Specification for Surface Mount Assemblies

This standard defines the production process controls employed at ATL to provide a consistent level of quality assurance throughout the production process.

STD-97005 - Electrostatic Discharge Protection Log/Sign-in

Defines The daily checks employed to assure that all static control equipment is functioning properly and that all personnel are properly equipped for positive static control.

STD-97006 - Product/Production Flow Chart

A production run-specific document that defines the manufacturing steps required to build a product or assembly.

STD-97007 - Production Flow and Assembly Procedure for Surface Mount Assemblies

Standard procedures for the assembly of surface mount assemblies.

STD-97008 - Travel Tag, Production Assembly, Inspection, Repair and Test

The traveler that accompanies an assembly as it is transported through the assembly process.  It includes personnel-specific information that is cross-referenced to employee time sheets for fiscal accountability.

STD-G300B - Personal Grounding Device Work Surface Verification Procedures - Testing/Monitoring Devices

This document defines the procedures and the use of equipment to verify that individual workstations are in compliance with ATL's static control standards.

STD-G300D - ESD Workstation

Definition of what is considered an acceptable static-controlled orkstation.

STD-G300I - Electrostatic Discharge Protection Procedures

Provides personnel procedures for the effective control of static during all phases of the assembly process.  It includes operations away from ESD workstation environments.



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