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Model 238350 Stand-Alone Speech System

Random access to 256 words or phrases.

Size: 3" X 4"
Processor: TMS50C20
Power: 5Vdc @ 75 mA
Vocabulary: 256 Words, MAX
PROM Capacity: 27C256, 27C512
Controls: Word address, Speak, Volume
Interface: 8-Bit Parallel, with Strobe and Ready
Connectors: .025" X .1" Headers
Speaker Impedance: 8 Ohms
Output Power: 300 MW


The model 238350 speech board provides random access to a maximum of 256 pre-recorded words or phrases. The LPC algorithms are best suited for limited memory applications where words and phrases must be concatenated to form sentences on a real-time basis. It can be used in telephone interfaces, audio annunciation, alarm annunciators and training systems. The speech for this product must be encoded by ATL, Texas Instruments or the customer using specialized equipment.


The Stand-alone Speech System is constructed on a single printed circuit board. Switches are provided on the board for word selection and speech initiation. These functions, along with speaker and power connections, are also brought out to single row headers for convenient interfacing to other equipment. A standard parallel interface is provided to control the product from an IBM compatible printer port, or other external computer.


ATL can provide customization of its products, or the development of new products to meet specific customer requirements. Enclosures, custom interfaces and audio recording are but a few examples of what can be requested. ATL is prepared to provide these services in a cost-effective manner and in a timely fashion.



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