Model 238330 Digital Recorder

Record and playback voice, music or both.

Size: 3" X 4"
Processor: TMS3477
Power: 5Vdc @ 40 mA, MAX.
Recording Time: 80 Seconds, MAX
Controls: Digitizing Rate, Record, Playback, Volume, Stop, Pause, Reset
Connector: .025" X .1" Header
Speaker Impedance: 8 Ohms
Output Power: 300 MW


The model 238330 Digital Recorder provides an easy means of recording and playing back high quality audio consisting of voice, music or a combination of both. It is an ideal product for use in point of sale advertising, audio announcements and attention-getting sound effects. The ease with which recordings can be made make the device suitable for use by sales people with no technical training.


The Digital Recorder is constructed on a single printed circuit board. Switches are provided on the board for all transport controls, including record and playback. These functions, along with speaker and power connections, are also brought out to a single row header for convenient interfacing to other equipment.


ATL can provide customization of its products, or the development of new products to meet specific customer requirements. Enclosures, custom interfaces and audio recording are but a few examples of what can be requested. ATL is prepared to provide theses services in a cost-effective manner and in a timely fashion.




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