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Industrial Products

Digital Recorder
ATL's digital recorder provides a means of recording and playing back audio snips of up to 80 seconds in duration. The board-level product is the basis for a record/playback product demonstration vehicle to allow customers to optimize their messages and control algorithms prior to committing to a specific design.
Digital Playback Unit
The Digital Playback Unit allows the user to place audio messages in non-volatile memory, so that complete power down can be accomplished between audio output events. Voice, music or voice over music can be pre-recorded and played back at will.
Stand-Alone Speech System
A 50C20-based board-level product that can hold 256 words or phrases to be played back in any order. Concatenation of words and phrases allows a completely interactive audio response system for computer-based products.
Intelligent Speech System
A complete stand-alone product with an on-board MC68HC05 family programmable microprocessor. Source code is available to provide the basis for a complete intelligent speech product. Examples are security systems, industrial warning annunciators and computer interactive systems.


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