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ATL has a wide range of its own products in the commercial, industrial, consumer and medical markets. These products are available to ATL's customers as private label, joint venture or outright sale. In some cases, our products will serve as the basis for your product design. We provide the design basis as a cost-cutting potential for you, or as a method of getting to market in a shorter time. The following is a list of products and services currently offered by ATL. Please contact us for further information, in that this is not an exhaustive list.
8-Channel Gated Integrator
The 8-Channel Gated Integrator was developed as a component in the instrumentation chain of high energy particle accelerators for beam position monitoring equipment. The technology behind the instrument and the printed circuit design lend themselves to all low level high impedance instrument designs.

32-Channel Analog Multiplexer

The 32-Channel Analog Multiplexer is an adjunct to the Gated Integrator, but can be modified for use in many crossbar switch designs. It provides the capability of swtiching 2 banks of 32 channels into a single 32 channel output. This instrument, along with the Gated Integrator, was designed for use by the National Laboratory System.
Digital Recorder
ATL's digital recorder provides a means of recording and playing back audio snips of up to 80 seconds in duration. The board-level product is the basis for a record/playback product demonstration vehicle to allow customers to optimize their messages and control algorithms prior to committing to a specific design.
Digital Playback Unit
The Digital Playback Unit allows the user to place audio messages in non-volatile memory, so that complete power down can be accomplished between audio output events. Voice, music or voice over music can be pre-recorded and played back at will.
Stand-Alone Speech System
A 50C20-based board-level product that can hold 256 words or phrases to be played back in any order. Concatenation of words and phrases allows a completely interactive audio response system for computer-based products.
Intelligent Speech System
A complete stand-alone product with an on-board MC68HC05 family programmable microprocessor. Source code is available to provide the basis for a complete intelligent speech product. Examples are security systems, industrial warning annunciators and computer interactive systems.
Medical Systems
ATL is an FDA-registered facility for the design, development and manufacturing of medical systems. A subsidiary of ours, MoniTec, Inc., is currently in the process of designing, developing and manufacturing a line of brain-scanning devices. The company, MoniTec, Inc., is also an FDA-registered facility. ATL provides all of the engineering and manufacturing expertise for the production of near-term prototypes and production of medical devices. The company also manufactures and supports other medical products for its customers, providing inventorying, warranty repair, and after warranty support.
Consumer Products
Another subsidiary of ATL's is Hydro Technologies Corporation. The company provides water alarms for the consumer market. The WATERGARD water detector will protect a premises from water damage by sounding an alarm when water accumulates under the unit. The companion product WATERALERT is an audio dialer that alerts you to the presence of water in a remote site, such as a vacation home or a business after working hours. Telephone numbers can be easily programmed, and the alarm message is in plain English, French or Spanish.
Specialized Test Instruments and Control Systems
Single piece system development and fabrication is another area that ATL is fully supporting its customers. These systems tend to be more complex and costlier than the simpler production products. Systems range from inline production test systems, to assembly line control and data acquisition systems, to analog and digital controls for exotic missions.

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