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Value Added Services

Electronic Design

    We will provide electronic design services for customers that prefer to complete product design and development internally.  Our engineers can generate a product specification a preliminary design and Bill of Materials and hand off this information to the customer.

Mechanical Design

    We can apply mechanical design expertise to the generation of housing designs for your product.  Integration of the electronics and the packaging is performed using our mechanical and electronic design workstations.  Perfect fit is ensured when the mechanical and electronic design teams are under one roof and using systems on the same network.  We utilize both 2D and 3D mechanical design packages in our work and generate file formats that are compatible with industry-standard readers so that our customers can review our work prior to tooling.

PCB Design

ATL maintains an up to date suite of PCB design, analysis and circuit simulation software to efficiently generate a printed circuit board design.  All software is maintained on a support subscription, so that ATL always has the latest version of any package it uses.  We will provide this service to a customer on an individual basis if all the customer wants is a board design from their schematic.  

SMT and Mixed Technology Manufacturing

    We can provide contract manufacturing services for customers that prefer to generate their own designs, or who have existing designs that they want to produce.  Our sensitivity to the implications of design details on the manufacturability of a product offer an enhanced service to our contract assembly customers.  We are also an excellent source for product modification when we have been producing a product for an extended time.  

Mold Design and Sourcing

    We have generated mold designs for both our own products and for our customers' explicit use.  We use local molders who can respond quickly and who have established a good working relationship with ATL.  Our 3D modeling software allows designs to be developed by us and reviewed by the customer in an extremely cooperative and interactive environment.  ATL has molded from 500 to 50,000 parts on a per-order basis.  Once the tooling is completed, mold runs are designed to coincide with normal product orders, so the process is transparent to our customers.

Procurement Services

    ATL has a parts inventory of almost 2 million components in-house.  We provide procurement services for our turn-key operations and our "Strategic Partnership" program.  Customers that participate in this program have the advantage of purchasing their products under the same conditions as purchasing a commercial one.  Under such agreements, ATL develops the product and provides it to its customers under the same conditions that prevail when ordering a commercial product.  We provide warranties, before and after warranty support, and automatic product updates.  Of course, any product modification that would change its specification, operation or cost would be discussed with the customer first.

Product Support

    ATL provides a warranty on all assemblies built by it.  Contract manufacturing items are warranted against defects in material and workmanship.  Strategic Partner products are warranted for defects in material and workmanship, and operation within specifications.  Warranty periods vary with the type of product and the quality level required. 

Reverse Engineering

    We have found over the past several years that some of our customers have severed relationships with their design and production entities.  This could be the result of downsizing, where the employees responsible for a product are no longer with the company, or where contractors are no longer available to continue manufacturing the product and the documentation is no longer available.  Regardless of how the chain was broken, reverse engineering of the design is the only way to get back to a reproducible product.  ATL engineers can, with a product sample, generate a documentation package that is equal to or better than the original.  Once completed, product enhancements can be included in the design prior to manufacturing.

    Documentation packages include schematics, board layouts, BOMs and (if required) a system specification.

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