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Advanced Technology Laboratories provides a wide range of services to aid its customers in the conceptualization, design, prototyping, testing and production of products and test equipment. ATL can take command of the full range of responsibilities for a product from inception to providing post production warranty service. Cost projections, component and subsystem procurement, inventorying, repair and replacement units are all available from ATL as complete packages. We can also provide any single part of our spectrum of services. For instance, we can provide you with a printed circuit board layout based on your electronic design, or provide the housing for your product based on your specifications or detail drawings. Our CAD systems are compatible with almost all currently available packages. Communication with us can be electronic or via classic paper. You will find our company very easy to deal with and an exceptional attribute to your daily business.


ATL provides electronic, electromechanical and mechanical engineering in support of hardware and software systems developed for the commercial, industrial, military, civilian government, consumer and medical markets.

Product Development
ATL's product development expertise extends to all the technical fields covered above and includes products developed for all of the above markets. The company maintains all of the hardware and software support for the development of complex smart products with embedded processors, with all design and documentation performed on its CAD workstations. Electronic transfer of design data is routine, and we can interface with a wide range of design tools.
Production and Testing
A product is not left at the design or prototype stage, unless that is what the customer wants. ATL provides computer-based testing capability when production volumes require it. The company can also provide its customers with specially-designed equipment for their own in-house testing.
Audio Technology
ATL has over a decade of experience in the development and production of products with synthetic speech and other audio attributes. The company maintains a recording studio with electronic music synthesis equipment, as well as hosting a team of professional speakers for the generation of vocabulary for talking products, including intrusion alarms, smoke and fire alarms, automated railroad station annunciation equipment, and talking toys.

        We maintain complete facilities for the development of embedded or PC software.  We use a combination of hardware interfaces that have been purchased or developed at ATL for the concurrent development of hardware and software systems.  We use Microsoft Visual Studio as our development environment.  Coupled with an exhaustive list of compilers and cross-compilers for embedded applications (using C++) and assembly language programming, the development workstations can be used for a wide variety of application development.

Value Added

        We provide many value added services that make life easier for our customers.  These include just about all of the services we use in contracts with our customers.  ATL will break off any individual or group of services and provide them as a "value added" service.  You can take advantage of ATL's all around expertise and only contract for the specific services you want or require.



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