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WATERGARD Model 5000X 

Portable Water Alarm

     $29.95 in single quantities -- Dealers invited/volume discounts                 


Sensitivity: > 1500 Ohms
Output: > 90 dB
Power: 9 Volt Battery
Battery Life: Up to 1 Year
Low Battery Indicator: Audible Alarm
Case: ABS Plastic
Case Color: Storm Gray
Weight: 4.5 Ozs.


The model 5000X is designed to be used in the home in any area that could be damaged by water leakage or overflow. You can place it in the bathroom while children are playing in the bathtub. Any tub overflow will be detected before major damage can occur. Placed in the laundry room, the unit will alert you to any wash tub or washer overflow. Placed next to a hot water heater, the unit can provided early warning of an impending major leak. Indoor spas, childrens's inflatable pools and aquariums can all be protected through the use of WATERGARD™.

Although WATERGARD™can be used in any place where water may accumulate, common areas for protection are basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, storage areas, workshops, stockrooms and warehouses.


The Model 5000X is housed in a tough ABS plastic water-resistant injection molded housing with full neoprene gasketing. The unit is designed to float and continue to produce an audible alarm under flooding conditions. The all solid-state design incorporates a low battery warning, a test feature and an approximately 1 year battery life. It is powered by a single 9 volt battery. Unlike other water alarms, WATERGARD is designed as a single unit that can be placed virtually anywhere there is a potential for water damage. Other units require the placement of a sensor on the floor to be protected and mounting of the unit on a wall above the water line. This is due to the low-cost housings that are not waterproof employed by these devices.

The electronic circuit is mounted on a quality glass-epoxy printed circuit board. The sensing contacts are mopunted on the bottom of the case for ease of placement in problem areas. The sensing contacts are plated with a clear irridite that prevents corrosion under humid or wet conditions to maintain optimum sensitivity during the life of the product.

WATERGARD™'s sensors are located on the bottom of the case and serve as part of a 3-point automatic leveling system that insures sensor contact with the protected floor.


WATERGARD™'s operation is based on the fact that water presents a resistance to electrical current flow. The internal circuitry enhances this characteristic to the point where even small amounts of water coming into contact witht he 2 sensors located on the bottom of the unit will cause the alarm to sound. Once sounded, the alarm will continue until the water is removed or evaporates. The unit can also be removed from the water to silence the alarm. To operate WATERGARD™, install the 9 volt battery and place the unit in an upright position, resting on its 2 metallic sensors, wherever there is a threat of an accumulation of water. For proper operation, the unit should be placed where the first accumulation of water will contact both sensors.


Hydro Technologies Corporation, the developer of the WATERGARD concept, is a Pennsylvania Corporation that was established in 1992. The company provides alarms for the home, commercial and industrial markets. The Model 5000X is produced and distributed entirely in America. The company is currently working on an automatic voice dialer for use with the Model 5000X that will allow remote monitoring of vacation homes, cabins and businesses from your own home.



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